Lisa Parlberg – 5 stars – 4/21/2018
Very knowledgeable and friendly owner.  We drove 110 miles to visit this place and it was worth every mile. My girlfriend and I got a little stressed the last 12 miles because we were running late ….the minute we stepped in the door our stress was immediately lifted. I hope my friends and family in the area will give themselves a gift and go visit the Urban Oasis Spa off Davison.

Jenn Bayer – 5 stars – 7/21/2018
Loved the salt room yoga. Why do more places not have this?! Such a great idea! The class was not too difficult and very relaxing. Really good teacher! Thank you for a great experience.

Shelley Sylvester – 8/11/2018

Amazing relaxing therapy healing joints and muscles along with clearing sinuses.

Beth Ann Wills-  5 stars – 5/8/2018
Because I am recovering from surgery having trouble sleeping and spent one hour last night in the cave and slept through the night. I breathe better and relax and realize it will be alright! Thank you for bringing this to town, Mr. Salty and Carol!

Ellen Morrison reviewed Urban Oasis Salt Spa — 5 stars – 6/14/2018
After a tough couple weeks, I was desperate for some self-care. I was able to schedule an appointment for the next day- and when I got there, I was able to add some much needed time to my massage. The massage itself was great. It was exactly what I needed! I will definitely visit Urban Oasis every time I’m in Traverse!

Janice Grzywacz reviewed Urban Oasis Salt Spa — 5 stars – 2/6/2018
It was the most relaxing hour ever and it went by so fast. Loved the heated neck pad and they even offered a lovely soft blanket if you wanted to cover up; Very nice. Will be back next time I’m in TC. Told some friends about it today and they are super excited to know you are so close.

Kir H., Naples, FL – 5 Stars – 8/12/2018
I travel a lot for work, so I am always trying new massage places-some great and some I wish I could get my money back from! This one was a pleasant surprise! Urban Oasis Salt Spa is accommodating, professional, friendly and knowledgeable! Denise was my massage therapist and she was a pro at customizing my session to fit my pain/relaxation needs! I prefer a medium-deep massage and she confirmed with me throughout my session that the pressure was right and that I felt relaxed! I will definitely be back to Urban Oasis Salt Spa!

I also met the owner on my way out! Friendly guy and passionate about his business! I can’t wait to go back and try the salt room!

Shelby C., Ann Arbor, MI – 5 Stars – 8/14/2018
Yes please!  You don’t think you want the salt room during your massage but you do!  It was great!  The atmosphere was relaxing and the staff friendly and knowledgeable.  The prices are intimidating but worth the experience.  I got a massage and detox of my hands.  Conveniently located next to a great hand salon.

Marcia S., Milford, MI – 5 Stars – 8/31/2018
Super nice place to relax! Denise is a wonderful and skilled massage therapist and the staff was very courteous!